Commit f3fe0669 authored by Jon Imaz's avatar Jon Imaz

First Commit

parent b143dd4b
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ import psycopg2, psycopg2.extras
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
conn = psycopg2.connect(database='lala_uc3m',user='lala_usr',password='0t3H@hG&', host='')
conn = psycopg2.connect(database='dataBase name',user='user',password='password', host='IP Address')
cur = conn.cursor(cursor_factory=psycopg2.extras.DictCursor)
......@@ -80,6 +80,6 @@ finalData = finalData.drop("ID",1)
#Subimos resultados a la base de datos
print("Subiendo probabilidad de abandono")
engine = create_engine('postgresql://lala_usr:0t3H@hG&@')
engine = create_engine('database address')
finalData.to_sql('dim_estudiante_dropout', engine,if_exists = 'replace', index=False)
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